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So you have a book on the Amazon Kindle store and you are getting ready to do a free promotion – awesome! Here are the criteria for submitting a book:

 1. Please have 4-5 star reviews. Good reviews help a reader feel more comfortable trying a new author. Plus you look more legit.

2. Be available all over. The majority of our readers are in the US and the UK. In order for us to post a book, it needs to be free in both places.

3. Give us plenty of time. If you’d like us to put your book in our daily posts, we need a 5-7 business day notice. Please let us know when it will be on special and for how long. That way we can get it on the site at the correct time with plenty of time for people to click.

4. Check your subject matter. We are 100% supporters of free speech. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to say/share/write whatever they please. However, we do reserve the right to pass on posting a book if we feel that the subject matter would offend our readers. Don’t be hurt okay? We still think it’s awesome that you wrote a book!

5. Be aware of weekends. Since we don’t typically do full posts on the weekend, we ask that your promotion include at least one week day for us to do a full post for your book.

6. Fill out the Form Below.  If your book is approved by our staff, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days. 

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  • Bev Rose

    Hi, my ebook, How To Avoid And Stop A Foreclosure, Ex Banker Tells All, will be FREE on Amazon on Sunday and Monday, 9/16 and 9/17. This book has helped thousands save their homes from foreclosure. Thanks!

  • Emotional Freedom TV

    Hi Freekindbooks – I have a romance novel that will be on free promo from the 09/29/2012 until 10/03/2012 in the US and UK. The name of the book is called – When Pleasure Turns to Pain – An Affair of Convenience. The Amazon link is It is a romance novel and is a 2 part series. Part 1 will be on free promo for 5 days. The book is for lovers of romance that shows how our limitations attract a match to our self belief. Many thanks, Mary

  • George

    Hi Freekindbooks team – I have a non fiction book on How To get A Job In 30 Days Or Less! that will be on free promo from the 09/29/2012 until 10/03/2012 in the US, UK and everywhere else supported by Amazon. Again, the name of the book is called – How To get A Job In 30 Days Or Less – Discover Insider Hiring Secrets On Applying & Interviewing For Any Job And Job Getting Tips & Strategies To Find The Job You Desire . The Amazon link is

  • ella james

    Stained is free… I can’t message you on FB. I don’t see an option for that. It’s free in the U.S., not sure about U.K. It’s a bestseller… 4.5 stars

  • Janine Pulford

    Wish I had found you sooner, will share this with others as it is an awesome service. I have messaged you with my free promo for The Whispering Waters, a romantic thriller.

  • davia

    Do you have french books (french language of course)?
    Thank you

  • Andy

    Hi! My Superfoods book is free Oct. 6 -10:

    How to Utilize Fruit Superfoods for Health -
    Benefits of Including Organic Super Fruits in Your Diet (Superfoods Series) by
    Victoria Lancer

  • Ralph
  • Sensei Paul Wayne Bowman

    FREE: Help Me Stop Eating _____! Stop Food
    Cravings. Reclaim Your Body & Your Brain

    Nothing kills health, fitness, your waistline and your
    self-esteem like CRAVINGS for chocolate, sugar, cheese, ice cream, chips,
    bacon, burgers & fries…

    STOP: binge eating, compulsive eating, overeating, food
    addiction, emotional eating, stress eating…Look Better. Feel Better.

    Free October 6, 7 and 8th

    Get Your Copy Now.

  • Suzanne

    I have a book launch happening this weekend on Kindle. My book The Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Guide will be free from October 12th-14th – Please grab a copy, spread the word and prevent stress from manifesting into anything more that just that. Stress!

  • Suzanne

    I am having trouble getting onto Facebook today and cannot find your page, please contact me via my email. Thank you Suzanne

  • Andy

    #59 Free in Kindle Store this morning!
    How to Utilize Fruit Superfoods for Health – Benefits of Including Organic Super Fruits in Your Diet (Superfoods Series) by Victoria LancerPermalink:

  • Sigrid

    Hi there,
    I have a book up on Amazon at the moment in the free promotions area. Sorry about the short notice. It will be ending on 13th Oct.
    The book is “Boost Your Bottom Line Big Time” about no and low cost marketing strategies to boost the profits of small business. You can find it at:

    Thanks for the promo.

  • Mark Laverdiere

    Hi Everyone, my new Romance book is FREE Oct 20-25

    “Why Men are from Earth and Women are NOT from Venus; a Romantic Comedy for Understanding the Alpha Male” by Mark Laverdiere

    Enjoy and thanks for the promo

    Mark Laverdiere

  • Alexes Razevich

    My five-star reviewed fantasy adventure, Khe, will be free on October 20 and 27, 2012. Khe is currently #2 on Amazon’s Epic Fantasy Dystopia list and #7 on the Science Fantasy Dystopia list. Thank you.

    Amazon link:

    UK link:

    Thank you.
    Alexes Razevich

  • Christopher Brazy

    Can You Help Out? FREE TODAY ONLY – “How To Make A Haunted House” #free #halloween #kindle ~plz like, share (& REVIEW)~ #1 in Holidays! :)

  • Scot Conway

    More and more people all over the world are posting five star reviews after reading EMOTIONAL IQ.

    EMOTIONAL IQ. Emotional Genius easily reached by
    EVERYONE! Free Today!
    DOWNLOAD it now!

    “If I could give 6 stars for this review then I would.” – J. Bradbrook, United Kingdom

    “I was implementing the techniques of the book as I was reading it. ” – JP, USA


  • Darren Gray

    Doug Moody’s entire collection of plays, novels etc are available to download free from Amazon for the next five days.

  • Carla

    My book, Loved in Pieces, will be free on 10/22 and 10/23 in the US and UK. Link to the book is here:

  • Dave

    publishing a new kindle book (first) is very exciting. My “Juicing Diet Secrets” book is available free Oct 19-21 on Amazon US and UK.

  • BRPratt

    My book “Hypnotic Techniques of Persuasion, vol.1″ is Free from
    October 20th through October 24th.

  • David

    Hey, my book is FREE here: Oct 21 – 23.
    How To Avoid And Stop A Foreclosure, Ex Banker Tells All by David Grodan This ebook has helped save homes across America and can save yours, too.

  • Janet

    I am too late to be included in your listings but my book is free today 22nd Oct on .com and sites. I have 4 x 5 star reviews on both sites. Anyone reading these comments feel free to download


  • Nicole

    Hi Everyone,
    I know it’s only a couple of days out, but I just found your site and I thought I’d let you know that I am having a free promotion day for my book, Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree!, on Wednesday the 24th of October 2012 for one day. I would be grateful if you download the book and you like it, if you could leave me a review and/or like it, or add some tags that you think would be helpful.
    Here is the link to download your free copy:

    I do not have any reviews on yet…For all of my fellow UK authors, I would really appreciate some help here too, thanks!

    Thanks for your help, hope you enjoy the read.

  • Mary Gudzenovs

    Hi, first time I’m trying this so I hope I give you enough info. The name of my ebook is Light of Solserus by Mary Rose – free promotion period is 25/10/12 – 29/10/12. The ASIN is B0084U9L6W.

    • Free Digital Reads

      Hi Mary-
      Can you please shoot me a message on the Facebook page? The link is above. I’ll need the dates of the promo, the title of the book, and the Amazon US and UK link. Thanks!

  • inishmaan

    Hi – My book is for businesspeople who have to get involved in working on the creation or upgrade of a company website. It give them a good background in web terminology and concepts that help them work more effectively with developers.

  • William Huff, Jr.

    Hello, my name is William Huff, Jr.;I don’t see anywhere we can contact you directly.

    I submitted my book to your site for a free promotion starting Saturday, March 2nd through Wednesday, March 6th and I must RESCHEDULE.

    Please let me know how to place on hold or if I need to cancel and resubmit.

    The book is “Bullies Suck”.

    Thank you.


    P.S. – In the future, some sort of contact e-mail for problems like this would be appreciated:)

  • Sally Slapcabbage

    Can’t find anywhere to contact you directly so I’m putting this here!

    Free on Amazon today:’ Hunt Great Deer by Buffalo Overlord

    “Find out why whitetail deer hunting is the one of the most rewarding and fastest growing hobbies in America.This quick-start guide covers all of the bases, so you can get all the gear, training, and equipment you need to get out in the woods. Experience the thrill of the hunt this season!”


  • Kathy Clark

    I am hoping with million of book sold, NY Times recognition you’ll let the Starting over free listing go with only one review. Please refer to my author site at Thanks,

  • Linda Johnson

    Thank you for letting me submit my “QuikGuide to: Dandelions.” It’s a new ebook. My other ebook “QuikGuide to: Borax” has received 4 & 5 Star reviews. Thank you again! Linda Johnson

  • Carl Christensen

    Am having good results with the number one book club so far. Hopefully this site will give the book another leg up :)

  • Martha Pasternack

    Two books went to number #1 in four categories. It’s working well, but still learning. Looking for more out lets for free books, any ideas out there?

  • Coach Brian Williams

    I just submitted a book I am launching this weekend, but I am not sure where to find the Kindle UK link. Can anyone tell me where I can find that? Thank you.

  • Anthea Carson

    I just submitted The Dark Lake for a May 10, free day listing. I wanted to submit this link to the book review done by Midwest Book Review to aid in your consideration of whether to list my book. Here is the link :

  • Catherine Rowe

    Does anyone have a link for free Sylvia day books ?

    • Smashie


  • Ani

    I submitted my book Highfall 3 weeks ago and it is on free promo from today for 3 days. It has 5 and 4 star reviews. Did I do anything wrong? Why isn’t it up on the site…?

  • Sharron Gold

    SPIKED – The story of a woman drugged with GhB and how she was turned into a criminal – is free today – also available on paperback.
    by Sharron Gold

  • Author Rich Nilsen
  • StevieB

    I just submitted a promotion and I thought you’d like to know that the link to your Twitter doesn’t work but instead goes to a 404 dead URL page:

    Also, when submitting I think I accidentally gave the link to the Canadian Amazon store instead of the UK but the book IS available all over, not just the USA!

    Thanks for considering my submission,

  • Guest

    Thank you for allowing us to submit free on Amazon 9-7-13 through 9-11-13. It’s a great read, fun and all shockingly true stories that I hope your subscribers can learn from! Thanks Free Digital Reads, for this opportunity!

  • Krista White

    Thank you for allowing us to submit free on Amazon 9-7-13 through 9-11-13. It’s a great read, fun and all shockingly true stories that I hope your subscribers can learn from! Thanks Free Digital Reads, for this opportunity!

  • johnkoetsier

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to submit No Other Gods. It’s going free October 4,5, and 6 before getting a price increase:

  • Daphne

    Hi Guys! Thanks so much for the chance to submit my Regency Romance novel, the Scoundrel’s Secret Siren, free Fri 11 Oct – Sun 13 Oct.

  • John Davy

    Great service you have here.. Would your boss is on in 2 weeks so hopefully in good time thanks

  • Lucy Chesser

    Thanks so much for looking at “Hidden” – off now to like your Facebook page!

  • Hemang Shah

    Thanks for this awesome service. Hope to be of help to you
    someday :-)

  • James

    Thanks for looking at Tales of the South Atlantic. Please note the author site can be found at

  • Richard Newell Smith

    Thanks for your great service.

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  • Sara Naveed

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  • Lion4

    For the first time — “Dark Angel” (vol 3 of the Angel Mountain Saga) is free on Kindle from 14 Nov for 5 days. Enjoy!!

  • Dean Blake

    Thanks for helping out with my book of short stories, Surface Children, guys.

  • Ruth Ford Elward

    I have submitted my books for free day promo. Thanks for allowing us to submit :)

  • Charlie Mellor

    Yes thanks for the chance to let people know Drowning in the Shallow End by Charlie Mellor will be available for free on Amazon on December 18th.

  • annie allways

    Many thanks for allowing me to submit my ‘free’ ebook on Kindle

  • Sable J

    Thanks for the opportunity to submit! Much continued success.

  • Pam Kesterson

    Thank you much for this opportunity to give away my free book for the holidays.

  • Uncle Amos

    Will appreciate a Review.(and give you back for yours).

    My children e-book :”Buzzy’s Feet”

    free on 01/11/2014 and 01/12/2014

    see the e-video:

    Thank you in advance
    Uncle Amos

    • Donna

      Thanks for letting me share my book Zodiacts: A Whimsical Introduction To Celestial Beings on your site. Anyone interested in a beginner visual astrology primer should get a kick!

  • Lexi Revellian

    Your Facebook link isn’t working…

  • Lynn Landes

    Will appreciate a Review and give you back for yours.

    My ebook Fae Queen

    Free on amazon 2/22/14-2/23/14

  • Jenn

    Are you guys not on Facebook anymore?

  • Flinty Maguire

    Children’s novel, set in Cornwall, England, “Trouble at the Crab Shack Café” is free on Kindle 14 to 16 March.
    Ellie is new in town and with boys like Gilby Flint, life is going to be difficult. At least Ellie has a friend in Herman, her grandma’s Labrador. The Crab Shack Café seems like a haven until things start to go horribly wrong. And who is the boy in the blue jacket?

    A girl like Ellie doesn’t panic. At least not in public!

    A heart warming, funny story, told by Ellie, of life at its trickiest.

  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK!!!!
    In ‘Robbie and the Bully-bot,’ Robbie experiences being bullied—learning strategies along the way to help him deal with the situation. In addition to standing up for himself, Robbie learns the importance of being honest, principled and empathetic. By the end of the story, Robbie understands that the bully often needs help too.

    FREE : 04/01/2014 to 04/03/2014

  • Emily Vavra


    April 3-7 ,2014

    Church Gurlz has over 90 five-stars reviews

    Is on the Amazon bestseller’s list

  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK!!!!!!FREE BOOK!!!!!!

    Free :04/04/2014 to 04/08/2014

    Four astronauts land on Mars for a routine mission. They fall into the middle of an intergalactic battle and are forced to return with a strange being to a parallel universe.

    Through deceit and betrayal and after being introduced to advanced weaponry, alien civilizations, they find out that Earth is threatened with the greatest war ever.

  • JCBS

    Success Primer and the 3 Keys to Success is FREE to download until the 6th on Amazon. It’s Book 1 of my 3 part The Success Manual Series. (genre: Self help, New age, New thought, success ) If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the kindle reader app here for the ios, android, pc and mac. Thanks so much!


  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK!!!!!!FREE BOOK!!!!!!

    Free :04/06/2014 to 04/09/2014
    A practical book on becoming the ultimate alpha male throughout developing the 6 key alpha male traits Charm, Confidence, High status, dominance, social skills and the lifestyle.

  • aordan

    Will appreciate a Review.(and give you back for yours).

    My children e-book :”Joey and the Net”

    free on 04/29/2014 and 05/01/2014

    see the e-video:

  • Emily Vavra


    Starting Date: 04/15/2014

    Ending Date: 04/19/2014

    Super Shape 21-Day Diet: Easy Meal Plan to Help You Lose Weight Fast

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  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK for 3 days
    Starting Date: 04/24/2014
    Ending Date: 04/26/2014
    How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children is a wake-up call to
    America that we are abandoning our children emotionally. Failure to support
    our children’s emotional health at home and in schools is
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  • Monique

    Would love some reviews of my new FREE children’s book:

    All the best on your publishing journey!

  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK for 1 days
    FREE DAYS: 25 April 2014
    Free to be Me [Kindle Edition]
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  • Emily Vavra

    FREE BOOK for 1 days
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  • Emily Vavra

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    Free Days:April 26-27,2014
    Annihilation (The Seamus Chronicles)
    Annihilation Book 1 of The Seamus Chronicles a Sci-fi Series is free. Seamus and his family survive a deadly virus but must drive across the country to find his mother and the vaccine that will keep them alive.

  • Emily Vavra

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    Free days:2-4 May,2014
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  • Kathryn L. Novak

    FREE All Weekend Sat 5/3 thru Mon 5/5 Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Rhyming Picture Book, The Very Best You! on


  • brother Greg

    Perma-Free Kindle book on Christian House Churches: Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under The Headship of Jesus Christ

  • Ashley G. Schweigert
  • Emily Vavra

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  • Emily Vavra

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  • Emily Vavra

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  • Emily Vavra

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  • Emily Vavra

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  • Annette


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  • Sarah Green

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  • gingerheller

    Free Kindle, June 14, 15th
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  • Teddy O’ Malley

    My book Tell Me How You Say Good Night will be free July 16, 2014.

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  • Jim Liston

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  • Melinda Kinsman

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  • Liesbeth

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  • Jenna Stone

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  • J. Cafesin

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  • Bills

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  • Emily Vavra

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  • Joshua McCloskey

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